Miitomo APK Download

Miitomo APK Download

File Name: Miitomo.apk
Version: 2.1.0
License Type: FREE
Price: $  0
Operating System: Android 4.1 and up
APK File Size: 34.13 MB
Category:  Social
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Miitomo APK for Android

Free Download latest version of Miitomo APP for Android or you can download and install Miitomo APK file for android on your phone easily and quickly.

Miitomo App is a Social android app,This application for android is Developed and maintained by Nintendo Co., Ltd.

The Miitomo App Requires Android phone or Tablet, Available at free of cost in Google Play Store; or you can download and install Miitomo apk file from downloada2z.com apk directory for your android phone or Tablets.

– Major Update –
Miitomo is becoming better than ever with 5 new features!
Miitomo is a free-to-start smart device app by Nintendo that lets you communicate with your friends through a Mii character of your own creation.

What new things can you do in Miitomo?
1. The “message” feature that allows your Mii to send and receive messages.
You can now exchange messages directly with your friends through your Mii.

2. The “Customise Room” feature that allows you to change the floor and walls of your Mii’s room.
Win new wallpapers and floorings on Miitomo Drop, then use them to customise your Mii’s room. You can also use pictures stored on your device to create posters to put up on your Mii’s room’s walls.

3. Show off your style in “Style Central”.
Share your outfits with the world, and find amazing new ensembles made by people from across the globe, giving hearts to the ones you like.

4. See how everyone else has answered questions in “Answer Central”.
Answer the featured question, and see how people across the globe have answered it.

5. The ability to create new “Sidekick Mii” characters.
You can now recreate your favourite celebrities or characters, or make totally new Mii characters, who will live in their own rooms. They will also be able to send and receive messages to and from friends, and show off on Sidekick Central.

What can you do in Miitomo?

■ You can make your own Mii
These are characters you can create to look like people using a variety of facial features. You can also set their nickname, personality type and way of speaking.

■ You can use your Mii to chat about stuff with your friends’ Mii characters
“What’s your latest obsession?” “Where does the nickname you gave your Mii come from?” Your own Mii and those of your friends will ask questions like this for you to answer. Your answers will be shared with your friends, and your friends’ Mii characters will tell you their answers.

■ You can dress your Mii in style
From super-casual to the most elegant fashion, or even fun fancy dress, you can outfit your Mii with all kinds of items from the Miitomo shop!
◆ Clothing items can only be purchased with Miitomo coins. Miitomo coins can be purchased, or earned by using Miitomo.

■ You can get items in Miitomo Drop
Miitomo Drop is a fun minigame where you try to drop a Mii onto a platform to get the items on that platform. Themed stages are available, with special items up for grabs!
◆ Miitomo coins or game tickets are required to play Miitomo Drop. Miitomo coins can be purchased, or earned by using Miitomo, and game tickets can be earned through various means, including daily bonuses.

■ There’s even more fun to be had with Miifotos!
Get your Mii into the perfect pose, add some stamps and a photo you’ve taken for the background, and get snapping! Mix and match elements to make your perfect Miifoto.