Empire War: Age of hero APK Download

Empire War: Age of hero APK Download

File Name: Empire War: Age of hero.apk
Version: 4.550
License Type: FREE
Price: $  0
Operating System: Android 4.0 and up
APK File Size: 66.30 MB
Category:  Strategy
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Empire War: Age of hero APK for Android

Free Download latest version of Empire War: Age of hero APP for Android or you can download and install Empire War: Age of hero APK file for android on your phone easily and quickly.

Empire War: Age of hero App is a Strategy android app,This application for android is Developed and maintained by FT Games.

The Empire War: Age of hero App Requires Android phone or Tablet, Available at free of cost in Google Play Store; or you can download and install Empire War: Age of hero apk file from downloada2z.com apk directory for your android phone or Tablets.

*****Featured multiple times amongst Google Play’s recommended strategy war games
*****Millions of downloads from around the world and thousands of players to battle in real time!
*****Free to play! Conquer your rivals to secure victory and glory for your empire!

The gates of hell have been flung open once again and the western world has been plunged into chaos and disarray. The governors are mobilizing their troops to recapture the glorious city of Rome and war is to be triggered at any moment! Are you ready to march alongside Caesar, claim the throne and dominate the empire?

Game highlights
— Command millions of troops in brutal PVP, real-time, round based combat! —
• Recruit hundreds of epic heroes including Alexander, Whitebeard and Medusa to fight under your banners and slay your foes before you!
• Expand your power: With hundreds of cities to claim as your own, fight to ultimately occupy Rome and claim the title of Emperor to reflect the nobility you deserve!
• An arsenal of weapons to utilize: Deploy crossbowmen, cavalry, siege engines and infantry to wield the diplomacy of war and vanquish those who stand in your way.
• A huge world map brimming with barbarian camps, the gates of hell and the magnificent royal garrison of Rome! March to claim what’s rightfully yours today and secure your dynasty’s seat of power for millennia to come.

— Rich and immersive gameplay! Command your troops and claim the crown of a conqueror! —
• Alliance system: Recruit members, create alliances with other factions and employ their help to build your civilization from nothing!
• Battle for the throne of Rome: Join alliances to massacre your foes and their garrisons in real-time combat. The strongest commanders are waiting to meet their match in this realm of violence and brutality!
• The World Boss: Featuring a myriad of BOSSES including, the Dragon, Vampires, The Headless Horseman, Sirens, Centaurs and other creatures both mythical and magical from across the realm. To be the strongest slayer!
• Exploit legendary equipment: Collect thousands of easily accessible materials to forge your ideal pieces of equipment. With hundreds of forms to choose from, there are dozens of fables suits for you to wage war in.
• Earn your reputation as conqueror and bide your time to claim the title of Emperor: Secure victory in battle, defeat wild monsters and expel barbarians to raise your nobility level. Display your capabilities as a leader of the empire to dominate and fight your way to the top. Don’t stop until you sit on the throne as King!