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Version: 4.0407
License Type: FREE
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Operating System: Android 2.2 and up
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App 2 SD APK for Android

Apps 2 SD (Move app 2 sd) for Android allows you to  move your apps to SD card that extends the storage area internally in the mobile. If any application is not able to with stand the storage space provided to it initially, it can be done by App 2 SD. If the user finds it difficult every time to know whether the application has to be moved to the SD card, this application can serve that purpose. The timely checking of the application storage space and its movement into the SD card can be automatically done by the application known as App 2 SD.

The external and internal storage can be filled with the applications that are managed by the App 2 SD through the settings of the device. The collection of applications that are expanding further can be easily controlled by this application. If any android user has memory management issues, then it is better to use the application like Apps 2 SD (Move app 2 sd).

Apps 2 SD (Move app 2 sd) key features

1) move apps from phone to SD Card
2) move apps from SD Card to phone, and
3) uninstall apps